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Foam Rolling Class

Refresh your foam rolling skills and learn some new foam rolling techniques.

Service Description

In this small group foam rolling class you will learn how to use your foam roller effectively on the muscles of the upper and lower body. Its an opportunity to learn some new skills and techniques and refresh your existing foam rolling skills. What is foam rolling? Using a foam roller is a way of performing a self- myofascial release which helps to improve blood flow, reduce muscle tension and can improve range of movement. Not only can foam rolling help with this, research suggests that it works particularly well in combination with other things you might do as part of your exercise regime such as dynamic stretching and an active warm up pre-exercise. If you are new to running or more experienced you will find this a really useful class. This class is open to male and female clients. You must bring your foam roller with you as you will be practicing/rolling during the class. Next Class - Tuesday 23rd July - 6:45pm

  • 9.25 British pounds

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Contact Details

  • +44+ 07891377290

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