Personal and 1:1 Training

Starting on the journey to fitness can be daunting. The thought of running our joining in with a fitness class can feel like a step too far and that you need to wait until "you are a bit fitter" or "have lost a bit of weight".

Perhaps you are already running and starting to increase your running time and distances and would like help to support your muscular fitness, strength and to build endurance?

Have you set yourself a goal of running a race or doing your first triathlon but not sure where to start or like the idea of someone to help you with a training plan or to run with you?

So how about a personal /run training session or a program instead?

Before any session or writing a program for you I will spend time finding out about what you like and dislike, your goals and timescales so that you have a tailored session matched to your needs.

For more information or to arrange to have a chat contact me on 07891377290 or or you can book online via the link below

You can also buy "blocks" of training or training packages which include massage and nutrition reviews

Client Feedback
"Such good fun, a wonderful way to get back to fitness. Thanks Sue for all your patience and encouragement".

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